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FLAME COAL SMALL (292005900861// )

Price: N1,850.00 inc 5% VAT

FLAME COAL SMALL This features 30 pieces of instant-Lighting Charcoal bars for burning incense easily. Incense is easily burnt (to infuse its fragrance into the air) using this instant lighting Charcoal bars. Light a Charcoal bar (using a gas lighter made for that purpose or by placing the coal on a hot cooker plate) when it becomes glowing orange/red hot place on a heat resistant container (ideally use Burners made for that purpose). Place or sprinkle incense (in Solid / Granules / Powdery form) on top of the hot coal to burn and infuse the incense fragrance into the air as it smokes...Smokeless and odourless this charcoal bars ignites quickly and burns a while longer than other brands.