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Welcome to Baytuzzeenah Online.



Baytuzzeenah Ltd is a Limited Liability company incorporated in Nigeria in 1999. It became operational in February 2001 and has since been in the forefront of Retailing Islamic Lifestyle related products; Initiating and Sponsoring activities promoting Islamic lifestyle. It is an Islamic Lifestyle Hub with retail outlets in Nigeria.

Baytuzzeenah retail outlets are One-Stop Islamic Lifestyle stores wherein all that make for the appreciation and ease of practising the faith are available - items including The Glorious Quran, Books, Digital/Electronic Islamic products; Modest Clothing (Casual, Formal, Corporate, Ethnic, Prayer, Swim/Active Wears etc); Varieties of Head Wears:- Hijabs, Turbans/Wraps/Caps, Scarves and Veils; Prayer Rugs and Accessories, Fragrance, Artefacts, Healthcare and Edible products and a large number of other items.

The name "Baytuzzeenah" is inspired by the concept and mission of the outfit. It is the transliteration of the Arabic phrase "House of Beauty". It is conceived to portray the BEAUTY OF ISLAM as a religion and as a way of life. It is basically an Islamic Culture and Awareness Outfit.

Quality, Aesthetics, Functionality, Convenience, Beauty... run through our mode of operation.

We are inspired by the Quranic ayah (verse) Q7:32 :

"Say: Who has forbidden the ZEENAH (Beautiful Provisions) of Allah, which He has provided for His creatures, and the things, clean and pure, which He has provided for sustenance? Say: They are in this world for those who Believe, and Exclusively for them on the Day of Judgement. Thus do we explain the Signs in detail for those who understand"

Baytuzzeenah (House of Beauty) strives to portray, present and make available as much of the bounteous Zeenah of Allah as possible.

Whatever your ISLAMIC LIFESTYLE needs and requirements, we strive to make them available to you.

For the discerning ones...

Savour the Beauty of Islam!