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Author: L. D. Ala
Sale Price N9,900.00
Price: N8,910.00

When a person makes Shahadah his or her sins are wiped out. But can the past really be erased?Joshua Adams has always been a wild child. He graduated from reckless childhood accidents to girls and alcohol. By the time he was twenty-three he had three children and a failed marriage. When he left his wife he moved in with some Muslim guys he knew. Six months later he made Shahadah. He looked forward to starting a new life. But his new life was overshadowed by echoes from his past. Joshua first had to confront himself. He had many old habits and after the initial excitement of accepting Islam wore off he had trouble turning his back on these habits. He had to learn how to give up his beer and control his anger. A trip to Pakistan and the guidance of a gentle host named Abdul-Qadir helped him through the first difficult months after his conversion. But he has other echoes to deal with. He has a bitter ex-wife three children whom he abandoned and strained relationships with his mother and two older brothers.Joshua make the greatest jihad--the jihad of the self--as he struggles to overcome his past and become a true Muslim.-