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'Allah is Tayyib (good) and likes fragrance!'
Can you imagine a world without fragrance?
Delightful fragrances often awaken the senses in a pleasant way. Fragrances can put you in a wonderful mood during the course of the day and even when the day has been fraught with stress. They bring a sense of peace and tranquility. Beautiful aroma can be therapeutic and helps in moments of relaxation after the day' s hassles. No wonder the allure of a garden with sweet fragrance wafting in the air; fragrance which can be from flowers, herbs, roots, oils, stalks and even seeds from the garden..
Man has since the ages tried to simulate the fragrance of nature in our homes, offices etc through the use of essential oils derived from plant and flower distillation and aroma chemical compounds.
Heighten your senses! With our array of frangrant items. Do this the western way by airfresheners, vapourisers, scented candles, tealight candles, fragrant sticks, pot pourri and regular perfumes or the eastern way by lighting coal or electric burners, fragrant incenses, incense sticks, perfume oils etc.

Fragrance sticks available here.
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